Climb in, roll down the windows and let’s hit the road.

Our staff conceived this publication with a very basic idea in mind: to highlight interesting people, places, and events in southeastern North Carolina in a way that honors the history and idiosyncratic spirit of the region.
While finding new ways to feature some of the familiar figures and attractions of our small corner of the state, we’ll also seek out subjects off the beaten path, such as the small town musicians and artists, isolated communities, and inspired eccentrics found along the byways and back roads of our rapidly changing society.
With each issue, our staff at SE North Carolina will strive to bring readers compelling stories and photos presented in a singularly creative style, one that, much like the area where we live, mixes new ideas with time honored customs, tradition with stubborn individuality.
With that mission in mind, we’ll also be seeking outside contributors who can add their own voices and ideas to our coverage of this increasingly diverse neck of the woods. With their help, we hope to strengthen our connections, bring fresh insights and, hopefully, throw in a few surprises as well.
As a magazine dedicated to highlighting the individual characteristics of the region that haven’t yet fallen prey to commercial assimilation and global trends, our magazine seeks to be a vehicle for preserving the truly unique landscape, mental as well as physical, of southeastern North Carolina.
So climb in, roll down the window, and let’s hit the road. Who knows what we’ll find out there?